Support Ukraine

by purchasing one of our t-shirts, the profits from
which are donated to FUSA, which provides
soldiers with equipment.

Support Ukraine

by purchasing one of our t-shirts, the profits from which are donated to FUSA, which provides soldiers with equipment.

You’ve got until November 30 to get your hands on a t-shirt created in collaboration with Yuri Zalevski, aka FTGRFK. Yuri is a talented artist who we’ve featured in the past. We’re delighted that he’s kindly allowed us to use some of his illustrations to sell t-shirts, with all proceeds going to FUSA.

Sales are made via our Etsy store. If you have any further questions, please email us at

The T-shirt

Made from very soft materials, this T-shirt is 100% cotton and made from lightweight fabric (153 g/m²). The shoulders feature a twill stripe for added durability. There are no side seams. Direct to Garment (DTG).

The artist FTGRFK, whose real name is Yuri Zalevski, is one of the few contemporary creators that Rage appreciates. You’ll find in his creations familiar themes that Rage constantly tackles, such as the self-organization of complex systems via flows of energy and matter, the questioning of the nature of reality with portraits based on line frequencies, or the inexorable entropy. But Yuri is also Ukrainian, so he was in the vanguard when the orcs descended on Europe.

When we asked him about the meaning of the above work performed a few days before the invasion to find out whether, unlike virtually all French political commentators, he had sensed what was coming, he replied:

“Yes. If memory serves, on that date Putin accepted the occupied parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions into the Russian Federation, and the thought ‘there will be a big war’ immediately crossed my mind. That very evening, my subconscious gave me this image.”

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FUSA, for French & Ukrainian Supporting the Army, is dedicated to properly equipping Ukrainian soldiers, whether they are volunteers or members of regular units.
Thanks to its solid network, which has been steadily expanding since 2015, FUSA is able to supply a wide range of units, operating on several frontline locations.
The articles on their website and on their social networks list some of the help FUSA provides to these various units.

See their website and make a donation

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